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Haberdashers' Aske's Knights Academy and our caterers, Chartwells, aim to provide a nutritionally balanced meal that is exciting for our Students.

We use a rolling three-week menu, that changes each term to allow us to use ingredients that are in season (menus can be viewed at the bottom of this page).

There is a variety of choice, covering cuisines from all over the world. Chartwells, in partnership with Knights Academy will ensure that students are offered a Government compliant, nutritionally balanced and tasty meal every day, yet offering food styles & concepts at the forefront of today’s eating trends.

A meal deal costs £2.10 and consists of the meal of the day, pudding and a drink. We encourage you to use ParentPay, which allows you to pay for school meals in advance. Parents and carers will be able to view all transactions made by students within the Academy, and should you wish to place dietary restrictions or spend limits on your child's account please do contact us to arrange this.

Our caterers also provide students with the option to purchase a light breakfast. This is served from 10.40am until 11.00am. Tariffs can be viewed on the right hand side of this page.

free school meals 

Free school lunches are only provided to students in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

To check if your child/family qualify for Free School Meals in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 via the local authority, please contact Lewisham's Pupil Support Team on 020 8314 6221 or complete their online application: www.lewisham.gov.uk/freeschoolmeals

Packed Lunches

We encourage our students to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Our canteen offers a range of healthy, delicious meals.

However, should your child prefer to bring a packed lunch, here are some guidelines we’d appreciate you following:

Packed lunches should include:

  • At least one portion of fruit and one portion of vegetables.
  • A carbohydrate food such as wholemeal or granary bread, pasta, potato salad.
  • Dairy food such as milk, cheese, yogurt or
  • Meat, fish or other source of non-dairy
  • Drinks should be water, still or sparkling, fruit juice, semi skimmed milk, yogurt or milk drinks or smoothies.

An example of a healthy packed lunch may look like this:

  • tuna or ham salad sandwich,
  • bread sticks with a hummus dip, cucumber or carrot batons,
  • apple,
  • yogurt and
  • a bottle of flavoured water.

Packed lunches should not contain:

  • Snacks such as crisps. (Instead they can bring seeds, vegetables and fruit. Savoury crackers or bread sticks served with fruit or vegetables are also a good choice.)
  • Confectionery such as chocolate bars and sweets. Cakes and biscuits are allowed, but these should only be eaten as part of a balanced meal.
  • Meat products such as sausage rolls, individual pies, corned meat and sausage / chipolatas should be included only occasionally.
  • Fizzy drinks or energy drinks (These are not allowed in School at all).

Allergies & Special Diets

Please be aware that some students suffer from severe nut allergies. Please do not put items in your child's packed lunch containing nuts.

We also recognise that some students may require special diets that do not exactly comply with Health In Education standards. In this case we urge you to be responsible in ensuring that packed lunches are as healthy as possible.

For the reasons above, we ask that students do not swap food items.

Catering Menu